• Can anyone learn how to do this?

    Emphatically yes! This art form can be learned by anyone. You only need time and patience to create beautiful art. I help guide you step by step.

  • How do I get supplies to get started?

    You have several different options. First, I have starter kits available for purchase on my website at blueivymarbling.com. You can also purchase supplies individually. You can see what my kits include by visiting my website.

  • What if I want more advanced trainings after taking introductory course?

    My introductory course helps explain the basics of water marbling and sets you up to explore, learn and create. If you want to learn more advanced techniques, I do offer personal Zoom workshops at blueivymarbling.com. I am also planning on creating more advanced courses in the future.



I'm Jennifer, a traditional Ebru artist based in Chicago and I'm so glad that you are interested in exploring this beautiful art form. Ebru is a mesmerizing process of floating paints on a bath of water, creating a design using various tools, and transferring the design to a canvas such as silk, paper, or leather. I believe everyone has an inner artist and it brings me joy to cultivate creativity. A recurring theme I hear from my customers is how they get lost in the moment as they are creating their unique masterpiece. It's relaxing, inspiring, and 'so satisfying!'. My hope is that through workshops, people will get their chance to fully experience and appreciate an art form that brings joy, amazement and color to the world!